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Friday, 6 August 2010

Speaking of matters I will not give breath...

Parker is my pen and trusty side kick, together we will change the world.

Parker and I were unable to sleep yet again. I wandered in and out of every room in the house. We rested in the library diving into books and through poetic verse. We ridiculed all the sleeping soldiers for missing out on the bliss that comes when the moon is this fat. We dabbled in Dickens and wandered through Shakespearean settings. Played with the imagination of Pullman and then finally we came to Blake. My Favourite of all the honoured masters. Parker and I spoke with Blake for many a moonlit moment. We discussed the future, the reality of emotion, the universe and our beliefs. We discussed love. He spoke of his wife Sophia and the drawings he made of her. We discussed how love can make a hero out of dust. Parker and I learned how important it is to take a chance.

I wrote this for you:

Note to a Lover

May forever this passion flare,
Even as Time himself, steels all but our last gasps of air.
‘tis for you and only you, this aching heart beats true.
May forever such an ache be whole,
Even if circumstance may take it’s toll.
May you know my love, ‘till your dying day.
Within your heart for eternity; this passion stay!

By Spirit de la Mare aka Li’l Literati. London 2009
C. Spirit de la Mare. London 2010.

Above: Photograph of William Blake's stone at Bunhill burial ground in London. He is actually buried under a tree not far from this marker. 

Photograph by Spirit de la Mare aka Li'L Literati.London 2009
One in a series called 'The Sickness'.
C. Spirit de la Mare 2010.

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