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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Purgatory Manifest

Parker is my pen and trusty side kick, together we will change the world.

With the weekend came a tide of illness and exhaustion. For nearly a week now, Parker and I have been stranded within the world of slumber. The exhaustion turning our limbs to lead and our heads to stone. Time herself swallowed the days and refused us the rest that should come with nightfall. At least when insomnia dances for the stars, the time that you are given can be utilized. With a body made of stone and a mind as cloudy and confused as a drunk at Christmas, I was left both physically paralysed and mentally delinquent.  I lay with nothing but a muddled cacophony and a sense of panic. Parker didn’t feel any better. In our half sleep state of despair and self concern, a worry crept into the forefront of my aching mind. Imagine if I couldn’t write!

Horrified at the prospect and in refusal to except the sorry state I was in, I took hold of Parker and made the rest written. In my more than aching muddle, my head swirling with incomprehensible pain and confusion I wrote of purgatory.

I wrote this for you:

Purgatory manifest

Here; birds hunt hard and bitten fruits fall.
Blooms entwined with horror, with serpents I crawl.
As pests quiver silently oozing poison from a plant,
Living within such hell, it is claimed that you can’t.
Where roots are strangled with branches of their own,
Leaves wrap cunningly, as the wind is blown.
Where creatures of the darkness move erratically with shame,
And seeds of flowering hatred are fuelled by the pain.
Where piercing screams are swallowed and hearts of love consumed, 
Hands collect the downfall and buds of rage are bloomed.
Where nothing and all is falling, life not what it seems,
 Death curdles sweetly and the sun without a beam.
Heartless creatures wander as venom stings the air,
Bitten and hate ridden, a life that seems unfair.
As serpents crawl beside me, I feel just the same,
Drowning in the downfall of poison in the rain.

By Spirit de la Mare aka Li’l Literati. London.
©Spirit de la Mare. London 2010.

Above: Bird 1.
 Photograph taken by Spirit de la Mare aka Li'L Literati.London 2009.
c.Spirit de la Mare. London 2010.

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