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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Missing

Parker is my pen and trusty side-kick, together we will change the world.

I was rudely awaken by those without morals or understanding. I was torn so furiously from the page of an epic dream and catapulted into reality with brute force. I was annoyed to say the least, for the dream could have become a story, and the story a legend. However I shall never know the ending, the story now lost into a spiritual plane of imaginings and wishful thoughts. The same place where all the ‘should have been’ moments hover, together with the ‘whish I had done’ actions. A place so riddled with regret and disappointment that even the most poignant of stories may wilt and die all together.  In this case the dream did die. As I was torn from the world of pillow and ponder the remnants were thrown into another place altogether. Forever forgotten, lost in the place I call the Missing!  Where the strongest of souls undergo a deep process of scarification, as sadness and loss are engraved into their skin. It is not right to miss someone or something this much.  The Missing is always prepared for a new arrival, may your loved ones never be a guest within this domain.

So that we never forget the Missing, I wrote this for you:


Without you, there is but barren land,
An arid desert of coarse dry sand,
A lost lake, the bed cracks with the strain.
A bird without feathers dies within the rain.
You are my truth, that never becomes lies,
And without you here…
Everything dies.

By Spirit de la Mare aka Li'l Literati.
C. Spirit de la Mare. London 2009.

Page taken from a book by Spirit de la Mare, aka Li'l Literati.
The book:
'Poetic Justice'
Politics- Pride- Purgatory.
A selection of nursery rhymes for adults.
C. Spirit de la Mare. London 2009.

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